So, you might ask, what have I gained from my 30 years as “The Daylily Man”?  Well, I evolved from a school teacher into a businessman and entrepreneur, and along the way I’ve enjoyed a 30 year love affair with daylilies. Hybridising to create beautiful new colour varieties has been one of my great passions, and I have also been fortunate enough to travel the world and visit many countries such as South America, Europe and the UK, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, not only to meet with other growers but also to give many talks to daylily groups about our climate and conditions in Australia, how I grow daylilies successfully here, and presentations of up-to-date photos of the newest varieties I grow.  


Despite my poor health during the last 2 years or so, I have continued to invest in many stunning new daylily varieties from the USA in order to keep up with the latest advancements in colour trends available through modern hybridising. Many of these have already multiplied quite well here at the farm and some will be available to purchase from us in the near future.  Looking forwards, Joel will continue his program of dividing and replanting stock throughout the year to ensure numbers will multiply. In this way, he and Jenny will continue to offer you top quality daylilies, many of them exclusively available in Australia through Mountain View Daylily Nursery, for years to come.

We’ve just put a gallery of many of these beautiful new varieties on the website, so you can enjoy browsing through them at newvarieties  As I don't yet have my own images of all of them, I will be using some photos from the US breeders own websites – with their permission, of course! In due course, when the new varieties have multiplied, some will become available to buy in the NEW section of my on-line shop later this year, and the majority of them will become available in 2015.





Whilst convalescing recently, I amused myself by taking photographs in my gardens at home. I’ve also put a collection of these up on the web, together with a selection of photos from my travels in recent years and some creative photography shots. I hope you will enjoy them. Click here



Did you know that soil type and climate conditions can have a major influence on the colours of your daylilies?  In many regions, variations in soil composition can dramatically affect the bloom colours. If you experience this in your garden it is vital to have your soil tested professionally so you can correct any imbalance. This situation often explains why some gardeners find all their daylilies look the same muddy pink or dirty orange! And talking of true colours, I always photograph my daylilies early in the morning when they are newly opened, as the intensity of the sun’s rays during the day can fade the colours dramatically, so by 4 o’clock on a hot afternoon they will look very different in the garden.

I can only stress how very important it is to be careful when working with potting mix. You may not know this but breathing in potting mix can severely harm you, due to the many bacteria that live within it. Why am I telling you this? Because in the last 12 months I have been hospitalised with pneumonia and have sustained severe damage to my lungs, all because I was careless when taking my new est 'quarantined' daylilies out of their pots for re-planting.It was a windy day and I had breathed in some of the dust. This horrible and debilitating experience has been a real wake-up call for me, as now I can only work in my garden for very short periods and I am restricted physically from many of my favourite pastimes.  So please - be careful.