The magnificent Maleny Botanic Gardens and Aviary is an absolute must for any nature lover who is visiting the Sunshine Coast! If you haven’t already discovered them, please make the time to come and enjoy the stunning garden landscapes and vistas that the owner, Frank Shipp, has created.  I have been working with Frank on some planting ideas for an area in the Botanic Gardens which has glorious views to the nearby Glass House Mountains.

The gardens will be the perfect landscape for visitors to view my own creations as we will be using most of my 40 ‘Maleny’ varieties from my hybridising program over the last 30 years. I will also be using many other perennials such as irises, hydrangeas, canna lilies, clivias and ground covers to ensure year round colour in the new garden.

I have recently donated two golf buggies to the Botanic Gardens so that “oldies” such as me can take in the panoramic views with ease. When you visit, you’ll know which buggies are mine – they are covered in huge daylily photos as well as my logo and website details!

You can view the beautiful gardens at  


In the 2nd week of November, the daylilies will be in full bloom so that would be the perfect time to visit the Botanic Gardens. Many of my Maleny varieties are also still available to order on-line in my shop. And in 2015, we hope to be involved with the first annual fund-raising weekend at the Botanic Gardens, however we are still at the early planning stages at the moment. We’ll keep you posted as things progress towards what we hope will become a great annual gardener's weekend plus a charity event for golfers at the new Maleny Golf Club.

Currently I am selling my potted clivias at the Sunday markets in Maleny as well as at the Botanic Gardens, for personal shoppers only. No mail orders for these, sorry.  I will also continue to have assorted clivia seedlings for sale from time to time in my on-line shop. We'll also be planting my clivias under the trees in "my" area of the Botanic Gardens and they will look superb every year from September through October.


Jenny recently told me about K4BN, a not-for-profit organisation she volunteers with, and I have become involved in supporting this very worthwhile cause. This wonderful group of ladies – and men!-  are spread all around Queensland, and they knit warm garments such as blankets, socks, scarves, hats and other items for the needy. They co-ordinate the collection and distribution of many donated helpful items to those who have nothing, from the homeless living on the streets to the victims of domestic violence and abuse, the socially isolated and also indigenous communities in remote areas.

Many of the knitters are pensioners, and spend their own money on the wool they need.  Items are created and given with love to the less fortunate, and these generous people do this simply because they can. And it’s not just people in Brisbane that are helped by them, they box up and send packages all over the country, to wherever there are disasters such as bushfires and floods, to the people who have lost everything and need help to start their lives again. Even something as basic as some toiletries and a towel can make a difference to a homeless person, or a hand knitted ‘trauma teddy bear’ for an abused child is given.


Mountain View Daylily Nursery is currently supporting this worthy cause by donating a large storage shed to allow them to warehouse the collected items awaiting distribution to the needy. I intend to continue to work with K4BN to help with their fund-raising efforts to cover operational costs and ensure they can carry on the good work.  If you would like to do something to help, no matter how small, you can learn more about K4BN at their website at

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, THE GRASS IS RIZ! (“I wonders where the birdies is?..”!)
The nursery is coming into its busy time now, so when placing your orders please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. The 30th anniversary sale will run for 21 days, or while stocks last, so please order early to avoid disappointment. You can order on-line now at

Next week I’m moving into a small unit at a spacious retirement village just outside Maleny, and an old friend of mine will be moving into my home at Policeman’s Spur Road, so if I get homesick I can visit him!  I’ve owned this property since 1988 and I know many of you will have visited in the past when my nursery was located here.  I’ll be moving all my potted plants and vegie boxes as well as my birdbath and bird feeders to my new home, so I can still potter about in my little garden. There is a large pond near my unit at the retirement village so I’m giving the gardener some irises and daylilies to plant around it – then I’ll still be able to enjoy my beautiful daylilies!   

“I’ve known Scott since 2002, when I first came to the nursery. I have a background in horticulture and mail order so I brought my own skill set to the business. Scott is a man full of knowledge, which he readily shares, and over the years I have learned a great deal from him. He is a true ‘Plantsman’ in every sense, with a deep love of the beauty of flowers, a keen eye for colours, and a passion to teach gardeners from every walk of life how to cultivate the earth and grow plants organically, without the need for chemicals. I admire his commitment to the organic methods of cultivation, as I have seen for myself the results that his own methods produce.  Now, I am saddened to see his health decline to the point at which he is no longer physically able to devote much time to his passion for gardening, but I am happy to say he will continue his involvement with the daylily nursery in an advisory role during his retirement.”

So, in summary, we will continue to bring you more great offers and a huge range of quality daylilies for many more years.  Happy Gardening!
Scott Alexander
September 2014








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