Visit Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane to see our stunning daylilies
In July 2009, the Roma Street Parklands ordered 5 each of 35 of our more expensive daylilies for their gardens. So I popped in last week to see how they were doing and I was absolutely amazed at the spectacular display!

As you will see in the photos they were planted in groups of 5 amongst many other perennials and they have clumped up really well in a short time. If you will be in Brisbane during November I recommend you try to visit the parklands to see the daylilies whilst at their peak. I know you’ll also be very impressed with all the sculptures, ponds, waterfalls, lakes, fountains and other wonderful landscaping features there.
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Roma Street Parkland

Here are just 4 of some of the very beautiful varieties we supplied. I have 5 plants only of each variety available to order now at these special Sale Prices.  Please note: Limit of 1 plant per variety per customer.


Our daylilies featured in these photos of Roma Street Parklands are available at special sale prices by ordering on-line:

Candid Colours. Sale Price $30
Truly I Love Thee.  Sale Price $20
Mary Alice Stokes is sold out, I suggest June Hudson
which is very similar. Sale Price $22


Eloquently Edged
Sale Price $27

Alternate Universe
Sale Price $33

Painting the Roses Red
 Sale Price $20

Sea of Cortez
Sale Price $25 




All varieties shown on this page can be ordered on-line at special
Sale Prices.  Please click here to order



Eat My Daylilies ... you’ve got to be joking!
No, I’m not. If there was a famine I’m sure you wouldn’t mind eating them, would you?! Have a look at this photo and tell me what part you don’t think could be eaten. There are quite a few of you who have been growing daylilies for a long time now so you must have lots of plants spread around your  garden. Why not treat them as a potential food source? They are highly nutritious!

Our “garden” at the moment consists of lots of annuals, herbs, perennials and roses all growing in containers and pots spread along a large north-facing verandah (see main picture on next page). When my daylilies in the tubs finish flowering I cut stems from the farm with lots of buds on them and push them into the tubs, and this is where I pick buds or spent flowers for stir fries or salads. This morning I put two of yesterdays spent flowers in my fruit smoothie and have not suffered any ill effects yet! A word of caution... the Dining On Daylilies article mentions to just eat a few to start off so that your system can get used to them.

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