Growing Australian Daylilies in Europe

Gilbert from Belgium

Gilbert has been a client of mine for many years now. I visited him in Belgium for the first time last year. I recently asked him a few questions via email about growing our daylilies, and here are his replies:

Q. What is the area in daylilies at home and the rented land?
  A: "20m by 30m at home, and 1000m2 rented."
Q: Do you mind me calling you a “daylily fanatic”?  A: "I don't know what's a real daylily fanatic but I'm 'in love' about the daylilies."  
Q: Why?
A: "No deceases - very easy to grow (sometimes we lose some newer daylilies because it's too cold in winter.) Many flowers and when the weather is bad you have a new bloom the next day. It's easy to make some crosses but difficult to have something new or better. Beautiful leaves. I have large collections (too large!) of older and newer daylilies."
Q: Do the daylilies from Australia grow well for you?
(we send plants to EU and UK in April, during their springtime.)
A: "Sometimes we had a better result with the plants coming from Australia. But that depends from the weather. After they are arrived several varieties flower from September till November the same years. I suppose that plants from Australia are sometimes more hardy for us. Last year I've found some gardens in USA which gave also a good result."
Q: Did you make good use of bales of hay?
(it seems that mulching and making good use of organic matter is rare in UK and EU gardens)
A: "Yes, I make use of the bales at the other place and I look forward to the result."

Per-Ake from Sweden

In 2008 I was surprised to receive an order from Per-Ake in Sweden as I thought the Scandinavian countries are too cold for daylilies. Since then I've sent more plants to him so I asked him recently to tell me something about Sweden and his daylilies.

"I will try to tell you about my experience in growing daylilies in our klimat. Sweden is an elongated country, about 1570 km from south to north. We have 8 climate zones. I live 1.5 km from the sea, in the mildest zone. I grow about 150 different daylilies, about the same number of each Evergreen, semi-evergreen and dormant. I must say it's not easy to refer to any particular daylily which is more resistant to cold weather in winter. Jag has evergreen plants that handle cold better than some dormant ones. In other words, I would say virtually all daylilies works very well here. Daylilies are not tropical plants. Vi had 70-80 cm of snow last winter. I want to mention some daylilies that work really well here: MALENY TWILIGHT TIME, MALENY AUTUMN JOY and my favourite, IN EXCESS. It is an amazing daylily here, I can't resist to stop every time when I walk around in my garden and take another look."

You may like to check out Per-Ake's gardens at