Mountain View sponsors orphans in Zambia
I mentioned in last year’s newsletter that I visited Livingstone in Zambia to see if I could help in some way at the Ebenezer Foundation school, farm and orphanage. You can visit their website at

We now sponsor 3 children at a cost of $365 per child, per year, and regularly keep in touch with them. We recently sent them books and some daylily seeds to plant. Last year we met 2 students who are now at high school, Harry and Mutali (see images below.) Harry lives with his elderly grandfather as his parents died of Aids, and Mutari and her brother Mathews live in the children’s homes at the orphanage. We visited their mother, who is very ill with Aids but is receiving medication. Julie and I intend to return to Zambia in 2012 and hope to share our organic gardening knowledge with the staff at the farm, and I could also be involved with teacher training if the Principal wishes.
An Ebenezer support group in the USA is proposing to raise funds to build an agricultural college and we feel we may have a lot to contribute there also. During the past year our Maleny group of supporters have been very busy fundraising, sending a considerable amount of money to further develop the farm and orphanage.


Lunch at the Ebenezer School


Besides our very active fundraising group in Maleny, there are now fundraising groups in England, Sweden, the USA and Canada.  One of the reasons I like helping the children at the school and orphanage is that I know every dollar we send goes directly to the founder and not a cent goes towards “administration.”  The ongoing day to day costs of supporting the Foundation are very high and we appreciate all contributions to this very worthy cause.
Our Director here is Lenore Burton and you can contact her at 07 5429 6194 or by mail at Friends of Ebenezer Australia, PO Box 49 Maleny QLD 4552.  To read more about the children,
visit   If you would like to help please click on Donate. Contributions are 100% tax deductible.
Pictures taken recently by an American who is involved in the project, Jack Gardiner, can be seen at


Harry Harry

Mutali Mutali

Harry, Grandfather and Scott

Scott meets Harry  
and his grandfathe